Friday, 7 December 2007

Understanding the scale of nanotechnology

My next stage of this project is to take one technology and immerse myself within it. I choose nanotechnology.

First I need to understand the size of this technology!!!!!!!! 

"One nanometre is one-thousandth of a micrometre or micron. This in turn is one thousandth of a millimetre."
Soft machines Nanotechnology and life by R. Jones

Macroworld - Every day objects [cms,metres,miles etc]
     that we can see.

Microworld -  Mites and insects [300 microns]
Human hair [100 microns]
Smallest bacteria [1 micron]

Nanoworld -  Inside a cell Mitochondria [20 - 100nm]
Chloroplast [20-100nm]
Ribosomes [20-100nm]

    Large molecules Protein molecule [3-10nms]

            Small molecules         Soap molecule [10s of atoms]
water molecule [3 atoms]

Atomic -     Atoms Carbon atom [0.14nm]

Sub-atomic -  Nucleus Carbon atom nucleus [3fem]

    Protons and neutrons

       Quarks 3 quarks make a proton or neutron

Next I'm going to investigate all the different possibilities there are of using this technology that exist in the fictional and non-fictional worlds.

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