Saturday, 8 December 2007

possible roles for nanotechnology [part 1]

1]Medical cabinet [combination lock operated by biological matter]
2]Glowing report [changes skin colour when certain chems are in short supply]
3]cell control [controlling behaviours of cells with electronics]
4]seek and destroy [find and attach to tumor cells and then kill]
5]Alien invasion [capsule for diabetics, releases insulin when needed]
6]Helping Hand [micro-robotic arm can pick up and move the size of a cell]
7]Power pack [a fuel cell that produces electricity from glucose and oxygen]
8]smart bombs [deliver drugs to specific cells, monitor and report back]
9]tiny turbine [spinning propellor fabricated from a bacterium and nano engineered metal]
10]Nan tubes [ stronger and smaller than still]
11]Nano particles [suntan lotion, cosmetics, varnishes, stain resistant clothing]
12]Molecular [Factories at a cell level]
13]cheap and powerful energy generation [nano-solar-bio cells]
14]nutritionally enhanced interactive smart foods
15]greater information storage
16]reconnaissance [Military clouds of nanorobots]
17]Organic self replication
18]Black market nano factories
19]Alert system against viruses
20]Flat technology [Thinner than LCD tv screens]
21]Nano pets
22]Nano weapons 

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