Tuesday, 11 December 2007

nano nano nano nano

Researching nanotechnology I have came across various methods of applying the technology that range from boring to absolute fantastic. Nano robots will be able to manipulate organic compounds such as wood, oil or sewage either disassembling them or restructuring the compounds. This technology could solve our societies waste problems, imagine a world with no more landfills. As well as being able to create materials of unprecedented strength. The massive steel Brooklyn bridge in America  supports its weight with steel cables 3600 miles long with the introduction of carbon nanotubes we could replace all the steel cable with fibres the size of hair and the same strength as the steel.
Nano robots will be placed in your clothing, carpet, work areas and they will eliminate any dirt substance eliminating the need for dusting and hoovering. Nanomachines will be able to fabricate furniture, car parts, toys, healthy food etc from a the appropriate elements mixed together in a chemical reaction that will grow these objects similar to how we cook food by bringing different ingredients together to create food. Nanomachines will help solve the the energy crisis by giving society the chance to create small powerful efficient cheap solar cells
and lastly we will be able to repair damaged human cells on the molecular level, thus healing injury curing disease and prolonging life.

Questions to take this project further
If we prolong life to the extent that we as a race start to live for centuries how will we die? Do we choose when we die? will living for centuries mean that we can take our time with life i.e go to school for forty years, have children when we're in our 80's.

How will nanotechnology effect us in the home? Will we want to collect as many possessions if we can self assembly products at home using a destop 3d printer? Can nanotechnology be used to enhance the family network? Will our houses be made from these new materials? Will we be able to make our own houses?

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter and I ask will this matter be able to be hacked by hackers? Will hackers be able to hack into my chair that I just made and manipulate the shape of it?

What happens to nanotechnology when it has been entered into my body to kill tumor cells and the job is done. Do they just dissolve away? Will they stay in my body for ever? Will my immune system stop nano robots from working?


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