Wednesday, 21 November 2007

100 mini project

Designing for the post-human

I am not going to come up with one question from my research such as below and make this my project because firstly Post-humanism is such a vast area and why choose one question and not the other. secondly im designing for a fictional user with technologies that are still being developed and have not been implemented in our lives yet to fully understand the consequences.
Also I feel that later questions will arise such as how do I know that is what will happen, how will that work? I wont be able to test such ideas.

The answer is to set myself 100 mini projects. I need to think of 100 questions for me to answer in project form. As it is fictional design in a sense then by doing lots of mini projects I wont be digging myself a hole. One project per day will be my aim.

by doing 100 projects i will have 100 final pieces (objects, technical drawings, illustrations etc)
Also I expect the each project will result in more questions being asked about that area which I intend to log and thus I could have between 200-400 more questions.

Final result 100 pieces of work, lots more questions to be answer and the overall final result would be to spark debate around the area of post humanism. 

I could present everything in a book form or maybe it could be a collection of 100 mini books. 

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