Tuesday, 20 November 2007

this question seems very vague in that i have not said what kind of object and what user i want to define narrative between. I want to use these two weeks before my territories presentation to research this subject as much as I can before specifically having to choose an area to take further.

sexual fetishisms,
fetishisms as a consumer society,
our obsession with particular objects,
improving relstionship between object and user,
utopian object,
objects that we learn,
objects that inspire debate
cyborg object.

Because I am looking at a broad area to study further I am going to undertake research methods that will also seem general but will give me results that can break down this area into specific points of interest:

I will send out questions to everyone that I know and ask them to tell me about how they are or have had a relationship with an object that is of interest to them. Whether this is physical or emotional does not matter.

I am going to produce short films regarding objects and how they fit into our lives.

These are two definite routes im going to follow and the next is a possibility.

What would happen if i set up a website for objects. Kinda like a facebook but with objects being the users. People would set up accounts with there favorite objects and they could tell us things about those objects e.g. personal details, their feelings, interacting with other objects, pictures etc. My point is that with this research what would happen if the user became the object and the object became the user.

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