Tuesday, 20 November 2007

area 1
Do objects control the user?

area 2
How does a novice gain experience?

Can objects teach us?

What factors are involved in the learning process?

example: I just upgraded my mobile phone from a blackberry to a samsung. The operating system is different and when I turned the phone on for the first time I was lost and found it hard to navigate around the phone. Over the next few days I gradually broke down the system and found that I could navigate around my new phone. Is it practice that makes possible? What are the factors that make me able to learn a new phone?

Is the phone designed to let you understand particular parts of the phone at your own learning pace? Is it that society is so used to these forms of technology and that we come into contact with technology on a daily basis that we are starting to form a whole new language that lets us understand more efficiently technology than we did in the past?

Could we look at objects historically and explain the language that we have formed?

Area 3

Can objects help the morning process?

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